Units are the body of Actiontec, where members are split up into groups and expected to work together during AT discussions and challenges. Each unit has four members, one of them acting as a reporter when an AT Census or survey was requested. The first unit to be made was Cronus, which houses the founding fathers.

Cronus UnitEdit

Cronus Unit was used as a placeholder at first to provide the first Aceboard with a generic group of members. The name stuck, housing the first 4 members of the board, who are also the founding fathers.

Cronus Unit


Titan King, Lex, Kah, Drewmo

Admin Members

Titan King, Lex

Leader in Number of Topics


Leader in Number of Posts

Titan King

Cumulative Number of Topics


Cumulative Number of Posts


Coeus UnitEdit

The second unit of Actiontec, Coeus, contains the semi-founders of Actiontec, being present on the night of Actiontec's conception in-person or phone.

Coeus Unit


B.A.M.F. King, Kagen, Lapakko Taco, Stoneables

Admin Members